Events are broken down into several types: Weekly, Daily, Hourly, Special.

Weekly EventsEdit

June 23rd 2014 to June 29th 2014 The Artic March
June 30th 2014 to July 6th 2014 Twisted Avenger
July 21st 2014 to July 26nd 2014 The Ancient Prophecy

Daily EventsEdit

Wednesday The Lost Treasure
Thursday The Deepening Darkness
Friday White Crusade
Saturday Shadow Revenge

Hourly EventsEdit

Dragon Path

Special EventsEdit

June 27th 2014 to June 29th 2014 Day of the Fathers Part 1
July 22nd 2014 to July 27th 2014 Alien Tresspassers
June/July? 2014 - ???? 2014 Dragon Summer
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